Composite Lining Systems is pleased to add the WedgeRing® to the list of options available to adapt the GlassBore® system to a wide variety of premium connections. The customer now has the added advantage of using an unmodified premium connection to join GlassBore® tubing or casing over multiple diameters. Lower price and greater simplicity are two more advantages that WedgeRing® users will benefit from- this connection is not over-engineered and requires very little maintenance or meticulous and time-consuming measurement upon installation, is easily repaired or replaced and is highly affordable.

CLS WedgeRing® Adapter Features and Benefits:

      • Quality- combined performance of premium-jointed tubing with the advanced protection of Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE)

      • Flexibility- increased availability and wider variety of serviceable premium connections

      • Economy- lowest cost alternative to competitive adapters, no additional costs incurred to modify
off-the-shelf premium connection

      • Simplicity- easily installed, maintained and repaired at well site

      • Durability- resistant to sour corrosive environments and capable of withstanding high temperature well conditions

     • Delivery- Compatibility with common connections -- eliminate shop time for special order threading requirement


WedgeRing® FJ

WedgeRing® IJ

WedgeRing® IJ TS

Please contact CLS for additional information on the innovative new (patent pending) WedgeRing® premium connection adaptor assembly.


To download the WedgeRing® brochure in .pdf format, click on image.





WedgeRing® T&C


WedgeRing® FJ


WedgeRing® IJ


WedgeRing® IJ TS

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