Composite Lining Systems offers a fully-staffed field service group to provide wellsite support for all the product lines in the field. Whether there is a need for supervision of a new installation or the customer simply requires routine well service on a GlassBore or GlassLine-equipped completion, we are happy to provide fully trained personnel and vehicles stocked with everything needed to provide a quality installation. You've already made the choice to select the best protection for your tubing against the hazrds of corrosion- we recommend building in additional quality by asking for a CLS Field Services Representative to install your GlassBore or GlassLine tubing.

Composite Lining Systems has operates a full-service tubing reclamation and reconditioning service for bare tubing and casing. We are capable of providing EM inspection, drifting and testing, cleaning, straightening, threading/bucking and numerous other reclamation services. Reconditioning of used GRE tubing adds value to your project by making use of your existing inventory. We manage this for our customers by employing full-time experienced operators and technicians whose sole function is the restoration of your valuable GRE-lined tubing to full fitness-for-purpose. 




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