Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) is widely regarded as a highly effective material when deployed as a barrier to corrosion in steel tubing. Composite Lining Systems combines years of industry experience with this proven product to provide cost-effective customer-friendly service over a wide variety of corrosive applications.

CLS recommends against ignoring the high costs of unprotected tubing- consider adding GlassBore® or GlassLine® GRE-lined tubular products to your arsenal against corrosion.

Applied Plastics and GlassWrap® provide protection against internal and external corrosion.  Applied Plastics specializes in the application of Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE) and Nylon-based ID coating to oilfield tubular goods.  GlassWrap® is an epoxy-wetted fabric based helically wrapped onto casing and tubing as a guard against damage from corrosive water flows and produced fluids.

GlassBore® API

GlassBore® PREMIUM

Applied Plastics ID Coating

GlassWrap® External Wrap

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