Field Service

Composite Lining Systems has qualified Field Service Representatives (FSR's) available to supervise the installation of GlassBore® and GlassLine® tubing into the customer's well. The excellent protection provided by the GlassBore® system requires proper installation of the compression ring into the tubing connection.Our representative is on location to supervise this procedure and will verify that optimal compression has been achieved.

The FSR will install the ring in the coupling and observe the process of making up the connection. He is available to make any necessary recommendations to the crew to accommodate special situations (thread wear. inconsistent standoff, etc). Before the joint is tripped into the well, the FSR will drift the connection as a final added assurance against over-compression of the ring. CL Systems enthusiastically recommends inviting a qualified FSR to your location.

To download Standard Operations Manual (Installation Guidelines) in .pdf format, click image.

To download Premium Tubulars Operations Manual (Installation Guidelines) in .pdf format, click image.

To download the Installation SOP supplement (Adapting to Unlined Accessories)  in .pdf format, click image.

To download the Make-up and Repair SOP supplement (GlassWrap® External Coating)  in .pdf format, click image.


Please contact our office to inquire about service:

PO Box 50423
Midland, Texas 79710
866.617.0242 Toll Free

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