GlassBore® API

GlassBore® Gold API is a Glass-Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) lined tubular product produced by installing a GRE liner into new or used API customer-provided tubular goods to protect against corrosive fluids and gases.

GlassBore® Premium

GlassBore® Premium is a GRE lined tubular product created by installing a liner into premium threaded tubing or casing. Installation, product sales, field services and technical support are provided by Composite Lining Systems at our Midland, Texas facility.

Composite Lining Systems was formed in 2005 as a response to customer demand for lower costs and better service. CLS is headquartered in Midland, Texas where it is staffed by industry professionals with  years of combined experience solving corrosion problems. We currently provide the oil and gas industry with affordable alternatives to help fight the costs of corrosion.

Composite Lining Systems installs composite Glass-Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) liners into new or used tubing and casing to guard against damage in corrosive injection and production service. For many years, due to its strength and durability, GRE has earned a reputation as a sturdy defender against corrosive injected and produced fluids and gas. Additionally the ability of GRE to reduce the risk of damage caused by wireline and stimulation operations gives the user a clear advantage over plastic coatings and linings. 

When cost-effectiveness and workover prevention are central planning strategies, consider GRE lined tubular products for your corrosive water and C02 injection wells, acid gas and salt water disposal wells or corrosive production tubing strings. GRE-lined tubular goods provided by Composite Lining Systems are providing operators with long-term protection that matches or exceeds plans of depletion for secondary and tertiary recovery projects worldwide.

Composite Lining Systems currently supports over twenty five million feet of GlassBore® and GlassLine® tubing and casing installed into corrosive service.

Contact CLS and let us help you protect your valuable tubular goods from the high costs of corrosion.

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